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This Tiny Octopus Hunts In A Very Strange Way This little octopus is challenging just about everything we thought we knew about the eight-legged creatures -- including the way they hunt, mate, and give birth. Take hunting. Whereas most octopuses pounce on their prey using all eight tentacles, new

Veteran observes end of WWII aboard ship It has been 70 years since Gen. Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander of the Allied Powers, stepped aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay for a signing ceremony that would bring an end to World War II. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, a Sheboygan native and WWII

Neuroscience and the Future of the Insanity Defense He was the Texas Belltower shooter in 1966 who killed over a dozen people on the campus of University of Texas, Austin, after killing his mother. He sort of intuitively knew that something had gone wrong with him, so he asked in his suicide note that

Queen to lead vj day anniversary commemorations The next day, Wednesday August 15, was celebrated as VJ Day and the nation formally surrendered on September 2 1945 at a ceremony in Tokyo Bay aboard USS Missouri. Also in the bay was the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Whelp with Philip, then a First

Starwood Debuts 'Sheraton Grand' Tier to Distinguish Brand's Top Properties Starwood Hotels & Resorts has debuted Sheraton Grand, the new premier tier of the Sheraton flag. Ten properties now carry the designation, and Starwood expects about 50 to debut by the end of the year. The new tier was first announced in June as part

Pilot warned suicidal airmen would use 9/11 security changes weeks before ... A Dutch pilot 'predicted' the Germanwings crash several weeks ago in an article written in a specialist flight magazine posing the question: 'I seriously wonder who's sitting next to me.' Chillingly Jan Cocheret, who flies a Boeing 777 for Emirates

Veteran observes end of WWII aboard ship - The Sheboygan Press

Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander of the Allied Powers, stepped aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay for a signing ceremony that would bring an end to World War II. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, a Sheboygan native and WWII veteran is commemorating the day in a special place — aboard the very ship on which the Instrument of Surrender was signed. The Navy veteran, William Schultz, will join approximately 30 others for a week aboard the USS Missouri, now a memorial in Pearl Harbor, in an effort to restore the aging battleship. “The battleship is not owned by the Navy anymore, but by a private foundation. It’s in need of a lot of help, so we’ll be spending five days fixing up the battleship. At the age of 17, Schultz enlisted in the U. S. Navy immediately after graduating from Sheboygan Central School in June 1945. The war was over in Europe, but plans were underway for the invasion of Japan. After a year of training in radio and radar schools, Schultz’s three-year enlistment began aboard the aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea, the last Essex Class carrier to be launched. “I served about four months on a large aircraft carrier during my Navy time in the Philippines,” Schultz said. “So, I know what it’s like to be aboard ships of the Navy type. Following his service aboard the USS Philippine Sea, Schultz spent two years as an instructor training Navy pilots in the operations of electronics equipment in Navy aircraft. Schultz said he hopes to put his skills in electronics to use aboard the USS Missouri. His restoration assignment has not been confirmed, but he said he hopes to restore the electronics room aboard the ship. “I spent three years in the Navy as an electronics technician with radar and radio communications,” he said.

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