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V-J Day a mix of euphoria, relief and anxiety in Missoula A mushroom cloud rises moments after the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, southern Japan. 032215 iwo jima1 kw.jpg. Buy Now. KURT WILSON Photos, Missoulian. Ray Sexton, a Navy Seabee during World War II, holds a Japanese flag he took while surveying

Prince Philip at 90: Duke of Edinburgh celebrates birthday with ear defenders Whelp sailed for the Indian Ocean to join the British Pacific Fleet and Philip was in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945. He was later given command of the frigate HMS Magpie in 1950. Philip, known as "Dukey" to The Prince

V-J Day a mix of euphoria, relief and anxiety in Missoula - The Missoulian

The first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on the Monday morning of Aug. Its import wasn’t lost on faraway Missoula, where the headline in the next day's Missoulian blared: “Most Terrible Destructive Force in History – Atomic Bomb – Loosed on Japan. It’s difficult these 70 years later to gauge the reaction of western Montanans, who were as weary of war as anyone. “The atomic bomb is the best argument for peace to come to mankind’s attention – and there are thousands such reasons for abolishing the dreadful folly of warfare,” the Daily Missoulian opinion editor wrote when the news broke. But, he added, he was "intensely disappointed. "We had hoped that the first use of atomic force would be for the advantage of mankind, to free us still more from the slavery of physical labor. And now it is on the other side, finds its first application in unparalleled destruction. As the week proceeded, hopes for an end to the hostilities grew in Missoula. The second bomb fell on Nagasaki, 260 miles to the west, in the late morning of Thursday, Aug. That was in time to get a preliminary Associated Press account from Guam into the next morning’s paper, though the story was played under the announcement that Russia had finally thrown in with the United States to fight the Japanese. “The alternatives are: suicide or surrender,” the Missoulian editor wrote. At least 100,000 Japanese died in the initial bombings and tens of thousands more in their aftermath. The exact death toll will never be known – the devastation was too great and census figures too vague – but experts say it may have approached a quarter of a million people. As the world awaited Japan’s decision, the war news played out on the local front. Soldiers were returning from the European theater that had been.

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