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Donald Trump is the second coming of George Wallace An error occurred. An ... But it was segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace who threatened to deny Nixon the presidency in 1968 and who personified the grassroots vehemence amongst a swath of working-class white voters—voters who, despite their growing hatred of

A Calvin Coolidge Christmas In Washington I was looking for a blast at the National Rifle Association or Congress for blocking legislation that would halt gun sales to the FBI's terrorist no-fly watch list. Frankly, the president lacked spirit. Nor did he bring comfort, as merry He's

The Sixties - A documentary on PBS America in January Meanwhile the antithesis to Bobby Kennedy, Richard Nixon moves on and on. becoming President in 1968 and again in 1972. But even as we watch this we know there is the spectre of Watergate is looming ever larger for Nixon even though his administration

Intimate with the Enemy: Why You Ought to Have Lunch with a Bigot He meets writer and professor Rob Nixon's notion of an “ideal public intellectual”: “someone unafraid to open up channels of inquiry at an angle to mainstream thought; unafraid moreover to face down the hostility that their unorthodoxy often prompt[s

Arthur Bremer shot Gov. George Wallace to be famous. A search for who he is today “Good,” Nixon said, chuckling. “Keep at that. Keep at that.” Bremer's disembodied presence over the years gave him a Forrest Gump-like quality — then he appeared in “Forrest Gump.” The makers of the 1994 movie inserted the television clip of Bremer

India's Sawdust Caesar Horrible as the pogrom on his watch was, worse, still, was his callous conduct on the rehabilitation of its victims. A strikingly accurate . Please check what I said in 2002 after the riots. Now you should write So, trust Richard Nixon and

Donald Trump is the second coming of George Wallace An error occurred. An ... - Salon

“China is ripping us off and abusing us because we have leaders that don’t know what they’re doing, and the new trade pact is a disaster because they don’t talk about currency manipulation,” said Trump, railing against Obama and the... As for Paul Ryan, Trump complained that the new Speaker of the House has “been so anti-Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. The Club for Growth released advertisements attacking Trump. Its president declared that he “has the worst record of the entire field with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders on economic growth policies. For certain Republicans, particularly the many downwardly-mobile white people who support him, Trump is the ideal candidate precisely because his bigotry and economic populism are deeply intertwined. And it all has deep roots in 20th-century American liberalism’s core contradictions: its inability, failure and unwillingness to successfully combine economic democracy and racial egalitarianism, which was all compounded by its role in... The New Deal did a lot of great things for many workers, marshaling government spending and wartime production to create jobs, lower unemployment and support union organizing. Meanwhile, a host of government programs subsidized those workers buying homes, including in the new suburbs rising outside American cities. But black workers, millions of whom made their way from Jim Crow South to the North, Midwest, and West, were systematically denied access to many good union jobs. As a matter of policy, they were shut out of green suburbs and into overcrowded ghettos. President Roosevelt’s appeasement of Southern segregationists was critical to securing the.


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